One Cloth, Four Styles



Despite all the possibilities that come with getting something custom, the world of bespoke tailoring is extremely conservative. And perhaps for good reason. Since clients aren’t trained in clothing design, you don’t want to give them so much rope that they end up hanging themselves. So the choices in bespoke are often simple: how many buttons do you want (one, two, or three?); what kind of lapels (notch or peak?); how do you want your pockets (welted or patch, flapped or not?); and finally, how would you like to pay for your deposit (Visa or Mastercard?).

Recently, however, the London Lounge had a Cloth Club subscription for a brown Shetland houndstooth tweed, which was woven for them by Scotland’s Lovat Mill. Subscribers seemed to take their projects in all sorts of directions. A sample:

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